Patient Registration/Check-in Kiosk

  • Instead of sign-in and wait for front office staff to get back to patient. Our self service kiosk could be used for Patient registration and check-in.
    Our self service kiosk register patient, verify insurance eligibility, take patient demographic & health history, and accept co-pay using check, cash, and credit/debit card. Patient completes registration at the kiosk than uses our tablet in the comfort of their chair to complete their health history and family history questionnaire.
    Key Features include:
    • Insurance eligibility and verification
    • Take patient ID card and Insurance card copy and read data
    • Take patient photo
    • Take patient signatures for consent forms
    • Take payment by Check, Cash, Credit/Debit Card
    • Dispense remaining balance for Cash Payment
    • Take patient demographic information including questions for MU2
    • Take patient health history and family history on the Tablet
    • Generate nice and clean printout of patient form
    We can provide integration with your EMR/EHR to transfer payment and patient demographic/health history data.