Accreditation Management System

  • This module has helped our clients diminish their backlogs and implement criteria complaince. They have used this module successfully to efficiently schedule validation visits for accreditations. The complex scheduling core matches validator's specifics with program's specifics keeping in mind their respective calendars to come up with perfect matches. This scheduling core can implement all the business rules your organization might have. It is as simple as choosing programs from a list -- the module then automatically schedules the validation visits. The module handles all communications to programs and validators through email. This system benefits organizations by providing operational cost savings. The module also handles commission management and annual report functionality for our clients.
    Key Features include:
    • Online web sites where programs and validators can enter their information and update their calendar, as well get information about validation visits
    • A user-friendly online wizard for registration and update functions for programs
    • Historical reporting on program accreditation
    • Expense reimbursement to validators
    • Online submission of program self study and annual report
    • Online Payments by Credit Card and Check
    This module can be combined with other modules to provide a comprehensive system that covers all aspect of your organization.