Iftikhar Ahmed, PhD – Chief Technology Officer and President

After leaving research industry Iftikhar started his career with Docunet where he was among the pioneer software designers for ticket reservation and printing ATMs. He then went to work for Delta Technologies, the technology arm of Delta Air Lines. At Delta Technologies he brought his research and development experience to develop data warehouse tools and methodology that reduced Delta’s data load time for nightly booking data from 12 hours to an hour. He also worked on Delta’s Y2K efforts and wrote tools that significantly enhanced code writers’ abilities to find problem areas and fix them. He has authored numerous white papers; most significant among them is “Reducing Complexity of Large Systems” – he used his knowledge of this concept to bring down Delta’s revenue closing time from 10 days to 3 days, this enabled Delta to achieve millions of dollars of cost savings. He has had publications in ACM and other journals and has been a guest speaker at various international conferences.

Matthew Buckman PMP, FLMI – Vice President

“Matt” has over 30 years in IT management and consulting. He has served as the project manager for a variety of successful software development and implementation projects. He was a consultant and the Director of Professional Services for a Software Vendor that designed, built and implemented innovative mainframe applications for the insurance industry.

He has served in senior management capacity in a major Atlanta based insurance holding company and VP of Research and Development with a leading insurance software vendor. During these years, he implemented major system and organizational changes and data center relocations that consolidated operations, improved performance and reduced IT expenses.