Business Needs Analysis

We can do an in-depth evaluation of your organization’s needs and then come up with solutions that will help you gain the most efficiency and cost savings. We recommend changes that mesh with your organizational mission and take into consideration cultural, organizational and technical aspects that will have to be incorporated in the change.

Adopting workflow automation is not just about installing and using new software technologies, it implies changing your actual business processed and practices to make them more efficient from the ground up. Glotech Inc. can help you achieve that change with the minimum of organizational friction.

We can help you use existing resources to their optimum potential as well as help you create new resources that will help you increase your reach and at the same time reduce your overall costs. We have helped our clients implement new change by doing a comprehensive cost benefit analysis. This helps them clearly see the benefits before committing to any software implementation.

We have also helped our clients forecast the short-term and long-term impact on their organization from the adoption of workflow automation.